And Now We Define Torture As...

The obligatory link: Endless carols endless torture, groups say

Wow, y'know, I got tortured an awful lot over the Christmas season, then... After all, I spent plenty of time with looped Christmas music going at the office (at least, while I wasn't listening to Constitutional Public Radio in the afternoons). Maybe that break is supposed to constitute it not being "torture", then?

Let's face facts, though: Most Christmas music is much higher-quality music than the stuff that gets piped into many of these stores the other eleven months out of the year. "No, spare me! I'm being assaulted by Bach, Mannheim Steamroller, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra! Whatever will I do?" It's so sigh-worthy that it's almost funny... in a perverse sort of way.

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Anna said...

There are really some advantages to working at home for yourself! I listened to Christmas music because I wanted to, not because it was forced on me. Now I'm listening to all of my favorite music because my sweet husband got me that tiny little, great sounding iPod Shuffle! It's great!h