Short Shots

Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of time today, so here are a series of shorts to tide you over:

T.O.L.1: School accuses 5-year-old of sex harrassment
A five year old, really? This is exactly the kind of ridiculous situations that "zero-tolerance" policies lead to. Which, of course, it just another way of saying "the adults don't have to utilize what little brainpower is available to them".

T.O.L.2: George S. Patton, Jr. 11 Nov. 1885--21 Dec. 1945
Third Wave Dave has an excellent post about General Patton, 61 years after his death. Good reading.

T.O.L.3: WVW student to keep Mohawk
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a story about knowing when to leave well enough alone... particularly when you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest.



Thanks for the link, Geoff, and for honoring the man.

Anna said...

Have a very Merry, Geoff! Sorry to have missed the last few days in the chatroom. But, boy are the cookies we baked great!