Sickened By Music

Back on the 27th of December, I made reference to a story that some British busybodies were talking up Christmas music as torture. Well, I'd almost forgotten about the following story... probably would have if I hadn't bookmarked it, which seems to bookend it pretty well.

The obligatory link: 59-year-old woman given longer prison term for sickening neighbor with music

Of course, it wasn't Christmas music, to be best of my knowledge, but it's probably close enough for the standards of people who'd like to use international law in their decisions. Quick, somebody get Justice Breyer on the line... we could use his informed opinion.

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Anna said...

I love music, but I would imagine that if I had a neighbor blaring rap or opera, I might get a bit testy! OK, I'd be downright peeved and have the cops on it!

Hope you have a very nice, quiet New Year! :)