The New Shock Therapy?

The obligatory link: Lawmaker: Shock ninth-graders with prison trips

I recall a time, back when I was still a youngster (certain people can now start laughing at me, since I'm busy reminiscing like an old man), that my Cub Scout... pack, was it? Anyway, that group went to visit a local police station. What shocked most of us, after we got done with the novelty of being in a police station, was the fact that it was brighter and cleaner than we had expected. Too many cartoons depicting incarceration in dank dungeons, I suppose... In any event, it was hardly a life-shaping "I better not be bad, or I'll end up here" kind of experience.

Having said that, this is the kind of meddling that society would be better off without. Far be it from me to turn up on the side of the public school system, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Mandatory contract termination for not abiding with this sounds as downright ridiculous as it is. "Send your ninth-graders to prison or we'll fire you!" Go on, tell me that doesn't boggle the mind. I dare you.

Not only is this proposed law something that goes entirely too far, but if you read down the article, "The Columbia school district already has a system that allows counselors to take a student or student groups on after-school prison tours with parental consent, Barnett added."

So, we have an over-the-top proposal, which may or may not do any good, attempting to replace a similar system already in place and functioning. Meddling, pure and simple. Give me a break...

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