Global Warming Inceases Fevers - Women And Children Hardest Hit

The obligatory link: Fever claim on global warming

Setting aside the fact that the title of this post is based on a joke, that's essentially what the article is trying to claim. In a nutshell, that rising temperatures correlate with higher incidents of fever and stomach flu, so global warming is going to send more people to the emergency room.

Now, I'm not trying to take shots at children here. I'm just trying to figure exactly why global warming is getting dragged into an otherwise unrelated field of study, since the research itself, while it does need additional study to "add strength to the findings", according to the quoted Doctor, seems that it may bear out.

But, then again, I do know... It's from the same school as, "If you need to hammer a nail, and you don't have a hammer, use a wrench." And, of course, the obligatory "it's for the children" meme.

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