Global Warming? Please, Think Of The Children

The obligatory link: Global warming worries keep children awake at night

Let it never be said that I haven't advocated something for the good of the children. Here's what I'm advocating: Stop teaching about global warming as a man-made effect that's killing the planet. Give the kids back their childhood while the scientists of the world spend the next twenty-plus years hashing this out. Then, if they've actually managed to prove such a thing conclusively, you can start poisoning the imaginations of the next generation. Until then, hasn't science proved that children need quite a bit of sleep? Won't you think of the children, and not spread unfounded stories designed to give them nightmares, thus disrupting their fragile sleeping patterns? Please, think of the children.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I think I may need surgery to get my tongue dislodged from my cheek.

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