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The obligatory link: BofA aims new credit card at illegal immigrants

Sure, they're a company, and they're welcome to extend credit to whoever they think they can hook for it, and drag money out of. At the same time, though, why can't they be troubled to just take care of this in Mexico in the first place, and see if they can solve the illegal immigration problem on that end? Sorry, I'm just not seeing what good comes from making life easier for illegal immigrants here...

Now, on the plus side, if they have to register anything like a permanent address so BoA can get ahold of them, the government could then request those records to get a lock on the illegals... Of course, given the current policies as to such people already in the country, that wouldn't really do any good....

Sorry, I'm trying to find an upside to this, and I'm failing. Anybody else want to give it a shot?

TWD's also got a post on this at his site.

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