A North American Union? (part 2, the Corsi interview)

A quick recap of what I took away from the afternoon interview of Dr. Corsi on CPR:

The man has done a great deal of research into this topic, and honestly believes in what he's saying.

That said, he's still trying to connect various things together into the NAU mesh that seem more easily explainable as politically expedient (leaving the borders unsecured, for example) or grandiose for the sake of it (the T-T Corridor, and by extension, the consideration of the NAFTA Superhighway system). Again, that's not to say that these things cannot fit into the scheme of things. Simply, that it's a reason farther afield than one would normally go for motives for projects. Similarly, the charge that President Bush is working towards an NAU by allowing the open borders to continue. Possible, certainly. But how's this: It's easier to leave the border unsecured than to work towards its security. Doing nothing costs less money, and requires much less actual work, after all.

Dr. Corsi bounced around a bit during the interview, and tended to get exceptionally sidetracked from his points to go to his own defense against some of the recent articles against his point of view. It detracted from points he was trying to make throughout the forty-five minutes the interview ran.

Personally, I didn't get the connection of all of these points into a unified whole. It feels, as Pat put it, like "a big leap from what looks like diplomatic boilerplate to conspiracy to eliminate the U.S." I'll happily keep looking, but I haven't found the piece that fits in that void yet to create the circuit.

Anyone interested in hearing the interview, there will be a rebroadcast of the full CPR show at 9PM Eastern at 1510wwbc.com. The interview itself leads off the second hour and runs pretty much uninterrupted for 45 minutes. Naturally, I recommend listening for the same reasons that I give obligatory links instead of pasting in large chunks: No sleight of hand, and you value more the things that you work for.

As before, more to come.

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