On Iraq, Generally

The obligatory link #1: US raid on Iranian office "unacceptable": Russia

First off, what's Russia got to do with it, really? It certainly wasn't their office, anyway. Instead, it's just another chance for them to be chummy with Iran. Not that anyone should be surprised at this point about any country taking whatever side is opposite the U.S. in a dispute, but still...

The obligatory link #2: "US reinforcements will go home in coffins": Sadr aide

Sheikh Abdel Razzaq al-Nadawi, the new Baghdad Bob? "The American people have to prevent their sons from coming to Iraq or they may return in coffins." "This is not the first plan announced by Bush. All plans have failed and this plan will not be any better..."

Seriously, there are no American tanks in Baghdad, what? The infidel soldiers are committing suicide at the city limits, really? Some people just don't learn, do they...

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