Watching The Drop In Reading Level

The obligatory link: State of Nature: Go Beyond Virtual

I can recall as far back as grade school English teachers bemoaning the fact that newspaper articles were being continually dumbed down so that people with less and less education could read them. Whether they were complaining about the papers becoming more accessible, or about the sad state of education, I was never quite sure. Still, being something of a gamer, I think I can safely state that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer hit a new low with this one.

"Pwned"? Really? C'mon, even Blogger's built in spell-checking function doesn't recognize that. Sure, I do, in that it's modern lingo, but that's hardly the point. Now, I suppose it could raise their incoming hits from Google, if people were so inclined to use "pwned" as a search term... but I can't think of any situation in which I'd be so inclined.

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