Campaign Fatigue?

The obligatory link: Will Campaign Fatigue Set In Early?

The link this time is really just for another opinion on the matter. Here we go, by the numbers: Some politicians have been campaigning since late last year. Let's call it four months, for the sake of convenience. We now have approximately twenty months left until the election. So, when this finally winds down to a close, unless every single announced candidate at this point has dropped out by then, we'll have been hearing from some of these people on the same topic (vote for me) for two years.

Now, I can be fairly said to be a political junkie. I pay reasonably close attention to what our elected officials say and do outside of election time, at least, as such things are reckoned now... I can even search up the text of a house or senate resolution, if I really need to. ... ... ... So, having established those credentials, let me say that I'm quickly reaching saturation on this campaign. None of the candidates are telling me anything I didn't already know about them, nor are they saying these things in particularly interesting ways. Instead of the continuous pounding of a hammer, which is (usually) accomplishing something, this seems more like the continuous pounding of a headache. Is there a doctor in the house? Or at least someone with a couple of aspirin I can bum?

This isn't entirely negative, of course. Well, it is in a way, but what campaigning this long does is it gives everyone who jumped out of the gate so early plenty of time to come up lame. Also, it should help anyone who has patience, and who can wait for people to get tired of hearing the same things from the current crop... provided, of course, that this patient person or persons can come out with a strong, articulate message and vision. (It's a bit outside the scope of this commentary, but could it be what's really been missing is a candidate with a grand vision of America as it should be?)

Anyway, wake me up when they start saying interesting things, instead of reading the same old bedtime stories.

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Andrea Shea King said...

Patience, my friend... patience.

This is when we get to sit back and watch them wrestle one another in the mud in their effort to feed at the public trough they so covet.

Rich entertainment... place your bets at the window.

Popcorn, anyone?

Radio Patriot