Tokei Muyou - No Need For Clocks

The obligatory link: Postal Service fixes long waits by removing clocks

Is anyone surprised that a government entity came up with removing clocks from an area to try to cut down on people complaining about the amount of time they have to spend waiting? Setting aside my normal dislike of the Postal Service for a moment, can you conceive of a private company even thinking about doing something like this? "Well, our service is about as slow as molasses... What do we do about it?" "I know! We take down the clocks to distort our customers' sense of time, and thus get away with it! This has the added bonus of not having to maintain and upkeep the clocks, too."

No, it seems fairly obvious that a private company would either hire more staff to cover the amount of work, or find some way to streamline the operation to cut the service time down. Unfortunately, obvious rarely happens when government is involved.

Kyle at Lone Star Pundit has another take on this story.

The title, 時計無用 (tokei muyou, or "no need for clocks"), is a play off of the title of 天地無用 (tenchi muyou, "No Need For Tenchi"), a mid-90's adventure/comedy anime.

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