Whatever Happened To Spiral, part 2

Google Alerts are a wonderful thing, aren't they? They'll keep an eye on certain keywords for you, and if they happen to pop up, the system will fire you an e-mail to let you know.

Anyway, setting aside the how, apparently a brand new manga publisher is going to publish Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~, along with three other Square/Enix titles (one of which is Zombie Loan, by the mangaka of Rozen Maiden). The company in question is Yen Press.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to know what quality of a job they're going to do, since they haven't released anything yet, and the word that's going around is that their first releases will be well down the year. However, we can fervently hope that they will take after the Go! Comi/Del Rey Manga school, with quality translation, intact honorifics, and explanations of cultural references in the back of the volume. Time will tell, though.

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