Squeeze Every Last Drop

The obligatory link: IRS urged to go after eBay sellers

Sure, some of these people are running eBay-based businesses, turning profits, all that good stuff. My question is simple: So what? The money they make gets into the economy and gets taxed some way or another eventually anyway, so why do we need to create even more red tape for entrepreneurs and other small businessmen? If anybody even says, "Because it's not fair not to tax them", I think I'll just scream. There's nothing remotely fair about the tax code as it stands now, anyway, so what's another little injustice in it, more or less?

It can't possibly be a question of the government needing more money. I seem to recall any number of stories recently about how revenues are climbing, after all. Well, as long as everyone wants their own little government cut, there'll be more calls like this to have the IRS go after this or that group of folks who've found a way to make money.

Punish success more, guys. The outcome, while likely dystopian, will probably be entertaining... in a morbid kind of way.

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