Voice... err... Video Overload?

The obligatory link: Videos have Net bursting at the seams

Essentially, we have people saying that the 'net is going to explode due to the fact that we're all YouTube addicts, hogging the bandwidth. I'd link the Daily Show clip of "The Internet Is A Series Of Tubes" here for added levels of sarcasm, but that's been pulled due to copyrights (as expected). That's rather aside from the point, though.

Here's the meat:

Having monitored Internet growth for a decade, Odlyzko said he sees parallels now to earlier ploys from telecom executives. Nearly five years ago, when computer users started to hold voice conversations using Internet telephony, industry insiders fretted that bandwidth demands would exceed capacity, he said.

People have a bad habit of going broke underestimating the resilience and expansion of computing power over time. Until we actually see the internet browning out from overuse of linking YouTube videos, I'm not buying it. Until then, please follow this link and watch every video that's still up.

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