I have a few things kicking around that aren't going to garner posts from me, but they are worth a read. So I'll go ahead and link 'em up.

A Political History of SF - Talking about the history of libertarianism in science fiction. Not to be missed for any SF fan. It has the added bonus of mentioning many books, so its probably a good place to start if you're looking to put together an SF reading list.

Lottery can become a game of no chance - About how the state lottery commission in Texas lets those scratch-'em games go on long after all the prizes worth talking about have been claimed. "Idiot tax", anyone? Oh, and a note to the couple of people from the lottery commission there who have dropped by just to read this, welcome.

Al Gore An Energy Hog? Say It Ain't So! - Brainster, on that champion of conservation, Al Gore.

Also, since I have a bit of space on this one, I'd like to thank everybody who's turned up and kept coming back. If I had anything remotely resembling artistic talent, I'd do a "Thanks for 200 hits" image... but I don't. I know, it's not a lot, but I did manage it in the shortest month of the year, thanks to you all. Before I start sounding too much like a mangaka in an afterword, I'll cut this short. Let's go for 300 in March.

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